Joji’s new single is individual within his originality and personal genre

The R&B/hip-hop star Joji released another single on February sixth of this year.

The single, “Run,” is four minutes and thirty seconds filled with a captivating tune that, by the end of the song, will make you add it to your favorite playlist.

The song is ominous and dark while leading you down a path that seems to go in circles, the way it starts is the way the song also ends: slow yet intriguing.

The very beginning shows genuine feelings of sorrow, loss, and longing. But this isn’t shown entirely throughout Joji’s lyrics.

The mood is set almost entirely by the backtrack of the song. Guitars and drums add a feeling of a hard-hitting base that is almost imitating a slow heartbeat.

Joji does an amazing job by telling a story through his vocals as well; the notes he hits are unbelievable. I was stunned by the high and low notes throughout the song, but the lyrics were mostly hard to understand.

The backtrack and high notes is what really amazed me throughout the whole song but, fortunately, the lack of completely understanding the lyrics didn’t affect my connection to the song.

While Joji sets himself apart from everyday artists, this song reminded me of another popular artist.”

His vocals and band told the story without needing to say anything, but without lyrics the three-minute song would eventually become boring.

While Joji’s vocals are captivating, just like the rest of the song, they also are angelic and vulnerable while still holding onto some layer of pain. All of this combined sets apart Joji and his music—it’s not like a lot of the fast paced love songs you hear on the radio.

His artistic style is obviously shown throughout this single, just like your favorite artist, if you heard them on the radio it is distinctly them and the music they produce.

While Joji sets himself apart from everyday artists, this song reminded me of another popular artist: Noah Cyrus.

Noah does an amazing job, just like Joji, at producing music that shows raw emotions. But what sets them apart from each other and what makes them unique is the way they present each story. Noah usually goes for a light and fluffy melody; like you’re caught in a dream. But Joji gives you everything raw.

Every guitar string plucked, every bass drum struck—it all adds to the song perfectly. Everything is planned precisely to give you the tone that Joji is trying to accomplish.

This song’s mood is obvious, but Joji leaves room for listeners to interpret his work to fit into their lives which creates a huge fan base for him.

While the song was like a lot of his previous work, Joji never fails to separate himself from the rest of the musical artists today.