The interlocking of the stream


*Disclaimer: The “her” POV of this will not be italicized, and “his” POV will be italicized.*


The stream isn’t far behind me,

with ripples across its face, although no paths have been made. 

Through the trees, she is with the stream; I see it ripple almost like it’s communicating with her. 

It ripples, almost as it acknowledges me,

I smile back, bending down and stow my hand against its soft current.

Bending down, almost as to meet it, her hand makes contact with its surface,

I watch her and walk toward.

Interrupting me, I hear someone through the rustles, and I withdraw my hand and advertently stand my ground, peering toward the noise.

Interrupting me I hear someone through the rustles, I withdraw my hand and advertently stand my ground, peering toward the noise”

The leaves and twigs, not being able to hold me up, shatter against my step, alerting her I am amidst her presence.

I see her looking in my direction.

I rise, glancing behind me and then ahead, looking toward the sound. I see a being.

Her gaze finds me and my movement ceases, trying to stay hidden.

I step forward, peering closer, knowing he’s trying to shade away from me.

Persists forward she does, so, in pursuit, I catapult, stepping forward and revealing myself.

Out steps a being facing me; I can feel its fear, its vulnerability.

I am halted by her movement as she stops and gazes at me intently.

Stepping forward, I reach out to make contact with it.

Her hand reaches out for me, so I extend mine as well, touching hers.

He extends his hand out as well, touching mine as I smile and walk closer, taking in his figure.

She’s doesn’t flee,

Instead, she approaches me.