Fridays hold a new level of excitement thanks to Wandavision



A picture of the poster for the show on Disney+

I have only been a Marvel fan since the beginning of Phase Three. I never got the chance to see the movies from Phase One and Phase Two in theatres, but I made it my mission to see all of the Phase Three movies in theatres. 

And that’s exactly what I did. 

I completely immersed myself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; I not-so-patiently waited for each release date and found myself in the crowded rows of chairs only moments after. Phase Three was my entire existence, but now it’s over. 

I know Phase Four starts in only a couple of months, but I crave the action and adventure packed into each two-hour escape. I miss the conspiracies surrounding the futures of each character. I miss the anticipation of spending up to a year wondering what would happen next, no matter how much it pained me. 

However, the MCU continued to amaze me when the ideal transition from Phase Three to Phase Four was released only weeks ago: Wandavision

Wandavision follows the stereotypical suburban life of Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and The Vision (Paul Bettany). The couple lives in the small town of Westview and quickly find themselves doing everything they can to fit in. However, something seemed off about Westview from the start. 

Wandavision, in chronological order, follows the events of Avengers: Endgame—which initially raised the question of how does Vision even exist? 

As much as this question bothered me throughout the first few episodes, the first three episodes were a pleasant reminder of the way sitcoms used to be. 

Each episode of the show, so far, has mirrored different sitcoms over the year while following a trend of introducing a new decade each episode. The first episode starts this trend off in the 1950s and each episode follows sequentially. The theme song to each episode also mirrors the theme from a sitcom from that decade. It is such a small detail, but it adds a new dimension to the show. 

Not to mention that small detail does not stand alone in minuscule moments. Wandavision is full of easter eggs from the Marvel franchise.

Minor characters from some of the other Marvel movies can be seen in both cameos and as minor characters in the show itself. Despite those characters not having major roles, their development is phenomenal and the smallest things about them bring me so much joy. 

The eight-minute credit scenes leave me analyzing every pixel in hopes of learning something new. After all, it is an MCU show, there has to be some kind of easter egg hidden in those minutes. 

Now I will admit, I actually find plot twists exasperating. They make the unpredictable come off as predictable, but in Wandavision, the plot twists fuel my excitement for the show. 

Phase Three was my entire existence, but now it’s over. 

Saying I enjoy the show would be quite an understatement considering this show has taken complete control of my mind and conspiracies about the situation of Westview are the only things I can currently focus on. 

I push my way through each week just to make it to Friday—the day the new episodes get released each week. 

Wandavision has given me a substantial amount of hope for Phase Four and the future of the MCU.