Vogue’s “Best-Dressed Guy on TikTok” is still killing it a year later


On a daily basis, fashion is constantly being altered into a better version of what it used to be. Anywhere from bringing old trends back, like denim on denim, or experimenting with many heavy layers, through aesthetics like street style, influencers create looks that the public strives to replicate. 

Interestingly enough, different forms of social media take to every trend differently. While it seems that Instagram influencers are the ones creating these fads, young adults who found their level of fame from TikTok are the ones who create art from it.

With 1.8 million followers on Instagram and 7.2 on TikTok, influencer Wisdom Kaye is known for pushing fashion boundaries. Whether it be his large following or overall style being out of this world, he is so well known that the fashion magazine, Vogue, claims him to be “The Best-Dressed Guy on TikTok.”

While his interview with Christian Allaire was back in July of 2020, it’s easy to say this self-made model, who is now signed with IMG Models, stills holds his title. At only nineteen years old, Wisdom took a leap of faith and jumped right into the most unforgiving industry in the world.

While Wisdom has been on this app for some time now, his newest videos are the ones that make him the most well-known. Wisdom posts anything from tips for posing in photos, all the way to instructions on how to style sweatpants; he tries to share his knowledge with the public. The way that Wisdom climbed the staircase of fame was solely through his own learning journey.

While everyone in the fashion world holds different opinions near to their hearts, anyone can learn something new from this star. A video I found extremely helpful was how to style Converse—a shoe brand we all love. 

These sneakers are relatively inexpensive in comparison to the other shoes that Wisdom can be seen wearing; seeing him style these everyday shoes in a unique way can be helpful to anyone. 

The look in this particular TikTok that is the most inspiring for me is the Chuck Taylor hightops. Seeing them styled in multiple different lengths of pantlegs and color variations opens my mind to new opportunities for my own pairs of these iconic shoes.

But, personally, the videos I find most interesting aren’t the ones that were necessarily created to help others in their own wardrobe, but I find myself watching the videos of his own outfits. Wisdom has posted a variety of “Inspired By” videos—short clips with an overarching theme that highlight different pieces he thinks reflect his prompt—including outfits calling on the 70s, looking to the four elements, or even taking notes from emojis. 

The first TikTok that I saw from Wisdom was when his fans commented emojis for him to create an outfit inspired by their color palette, and I’ve been hooked on his account ever since. 

While Wisdom is known for taking inspiration from his fans’ suggestions, his newest short series is built on Marvel’s characters. The first video was posted on Oct. 16th, which had a variety of outfits taking strong inspiration from Marvel villains’ color palettes and overall vibes. Viewers can see expensive, well-put-together outfits of all sorts. Later in the week, Wisdom followed up the original video, currently at 2.2 million likes, with yet another Marvel-inspired video, but, this time, with the heroes. 

Between trench coats and black shades to represent Nick Fury all the way to leather boots and oversized jackets to portray Mysterio, Wisdom’s genius is obvious through each TikTok.

Not only are his videos enjoyable to watch and also informational, but they can also help his viewers to find themselves in their own style. An everyday person might not be caught wearing a 1,800 dollar Rick Owens jumpsuit and 5,107 dollar ring set, but everyone can easily express themselves through being color-coordinated or through spicing up a bland ensemble. 

Through his own page, Wisdom has created an ecosystem of support and balance just through his passion—he helps his fans and his fans help him in return. 

It’s extremely important, especially now in 2021, to have pages on social media where you can feel safe and resonate with the creator. Social media can easily become toxic and consuming when it’s meant to be relaxing and a creative outlet—Wisdom does an amazing job of promoting not only good looks but good vibes.

While apps such as Pinterest and Instagram can be helpful when looking through your closet for the perfect outfit, it will definitely be worth your time to swipe over to TikTok and check out “The Best-Dressed Guy on TikTok.”