Player Profile: Sophie Young


Name: Sophie Young

Grade: Freshman

Sport: JV Field Hockey

Position: Defense

After a great team performance on September 9th, it was hard to pick only one girl to report on. Sophie was chosen because of her work ethic and great defensive plays in the span of two games. Both opponents were held to a combined score of 1 goal because of the defensive efforts.

What would you say is the cause of your recent success?

“The recent success can be attributed to the way we practice and how hard we work.”

Why do you play field hockey?

“The reason I started playing field hockey is because a lot of my friends played, so I decided to give it a try. I love it.”

Who is your biggest inspiration?

“The biggest inspiration for my field hockey career would have to be my friends. They always push me to do my best. We all love playing together.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I plan to play field hockey in college. I do not have a certain college in mind.”

What is the best part about being on the field hockey team?

“The girls and I are like a big family. We all love each other.”