Pho Anh Trang offers delicious and authentic Vietnamese food


From its subdued exterior and odd location, one would not expect Vietnamese restaurant Pho Anh Trang to be much more than average. However, the phrase “do not judge a book by its cover” is the most accurate way to begin to describe this restaurant. What Pho Anh Trang lacks in appearance, it more than makes up for with the unique experience filled with delectable food.

Pho Anh Trang is your stereotypical hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Located on Eastern St. in Wyoming, it’s almost twenty minutes southwest of Forest Hills. However, the drive out is more than worth it for the amazing Vietnamese food that’s served all day long.

From the outside, Pho Anh Trang looks a little shabby, especially since it’s located in a more run-down neighborhood. Even upon entering, the shaggy carpet and blue booths look a little outdated. With a little bit of work, the restaurant could be decorated with tokens of Vietnamese culture to add to the overall experience. But for now, it’s easy to ignore the tacky decor once you’re bombarded by the taste of their delicious pho.

Pho, or Vietnamese noodle soup, is a Vietnamese staple and is available at every corner in Vietnam. After making two trips to Vietnam, my family and I became avid fans of Vietnamese food and have tried to locate good pho everywhere we go. After trying quite a few options in West Michigan, I can truly say I found the best pho at Pho Anh Trang. The minute their tangy beef soup touched my lips, my mind quickly transported me back to a tiny restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam. The taste of the authentic soup they serve is hard to describe, but the words “delicious” and “delightful” both immediately come to mind.

Starting at only $5 for a huge bowl of soup, the prices at Pho Anh Trang are hard to beat. With a bowl of soup larger than my face, I could barely finish the huge amounts of meat, vegetables, and noodles they gave me. Without a doubt, you definitely get your money’s worth at this restaurant.

The taste of the authentic soup they serve is hard to describe, but “delicious” and “delightful” both immediately come to mind.”

Lastly, the service we received was great. Although nothing spectacular, the waitress was polite, and our food was served within ten minutes. It was clear that the restaurant was popular with the locals, as the tables surrounding us were all talking in fluent Vietnamese.

So next time you’re sitting at home wondering where to go out for dinner, think about trying something new. Pizza delivery, burgers, and sandwiches will always be there for a quick meal; but food like pho is unlike anything else available in Grand Rapids. You’ll thank yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone the minute you take your first gulp of Pho Anh Trang’s piping hot soup.