Y: The Last Man leaves the fate of humanity in the hands in Yorick Brown

Y: The Last Man leaves the fate of humanity in the hands in Yorick Brown

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were the last of your kind? Brian K. Vaughan explores this in his comic book series Y: The Last Man. Every male has died mysteriously except for one named Yorick Brown, an unemployed escape artist, and his monkey Ampersand.

Society begins to fall apart, infrastructures collapse. and women try to cope with the loss of the men. Without some kind of scientific breakthrough, humanity is doomed to extinction.

Yorick and Ampersand go off on a journey to find Yorick’s fiance, Beth DeVille, in Australia. Along the way, Yorick meets people who either believe he is the cause of all this evil or as their only source of hope.

The series is mainly about fighting for the future of the human race, while some people try and destroy it. It’s a brilliant mixture of sanity and craze. The chaos popping up around these characters only adds to the excitement of the overall goal of fixing the planet.

The biggest mystery of the story is why has everyone died? Did God do it? Is it mystical? Is it biological?

The series can be graphic with gore and nudity which was probably unnecessary and will sometimes make light of the dark situations. Although these things are not always dealt with in the best ways, it made the story feel unique from the usual science fiction comic. They may be able to find hope, but they’ll never forget the lives they had lost.

Y: The Last Man is filled with intense action, romance, and some brief moments of humor within its ten volumes. The comic’s mature topics like suicide, guilt, and sexism felt dark at times; however, rather than getting political, it quickly became a fun series.