The Radar With Emily Obermeyer: Disappear Here

The Radar With Emily Obermeyer: Disappear Here

For Fans Of The 1975 and X Ambassadors

There are some songs that can be connected to memories and feelings of happiness. When I recently heard some of Bad Sun’s music on a trip, I immediately became hooked. Bad Sun’s newest release, Disappear Here, provides a unique electronic rock sound that is sure to please listeners.

Bad Suns is a group from LA that started in 2012, but they have stayed relatively underground. With the release of their newest album, they have found a more stable audience. Bad Suns’ album peaked at 13 on the US indie charts and helped them land a gig at Coachella. With raving reviews and great success recently shown by this band, Disappear Here is an impressive album that is very promising for the future of Bad Suns.

The overall sound of the album blends into a mixture of electronic, rock, indie-alternative, and pop music. The instrumental is the best feature present on the album. All of the songs with their upbeat tempo and happy lyrics will not fail to put you in a great mood. The sound is unique and offers a different listening experience from other artists. Tracks like “Love Like Revenge” showcase an electronic side to the album, which includes strongly altered guitar sounds and a heavy presence of synth that leaps out at you. Other songs, such as “Even In My Dream, I Can’t Win,” present a more rock sound. The rock-infused songs feature elements of heavy bass and guitar. This contrast of genres presents an album that has a variety of different-sounding tracks.

There are also some slower songs that add disparity to the rest of the album. The song “There She Goes” is a slower-paced track, but it is still at a more upbeat tempo. No song on this album is dreary or depressing; all of them are at a pleasant speed that is never lackluster.

Some of the songs manage to blend many different genres together. The tour de force of the album “Daft Pretty Boys” is an expertly blended track, featuring all the best aspects of every single genre. There are elements of guitar, synth, and bass, as well as a fantastic breakdown before every chorus. This track also presents all of the strengths of the album. The vocals and lyrics are outstanding in this song. This combination of strong instrumental, lyrics, and vocals create a track that shows expertise.

Lead singer Christo Bowman’s vocals are particularly unique. They contain a typical indie vocalist’s sound, but they are distinct to the band. His tone quality has a great disparity from that of pop singers. His vocals stand out against all other singers in the indie genre.

The lyrics are outstandingly witty and catchy. These songs will manage to dig their way into your brain and stay there for days. The catchy hooks combined with the fantastic lyrics help create these memorable songs. Some of these song lyrics will force a smile on your face. The song “Violet” has great and happy lyrics that make you feel as if you are watching a recording of some of the best days of your life.

I can’t help but give Disappear Here buckets of praise. The album is extremely well done, and I cannot wait to hear more music from Bad Suns. I am very glad to have these songs stuck in my head. If you are in need of some songs that will put you in a happy state of mind, I cannot recommend Disappear Here enough.