JV boys basketball came out victorious against Lowell 56-46


Freshman Christopher Battiste’s stellar offense throughout the night, along with the team finally working together as one, helped to put points on the board for FHC. Christopher’s offense was an essential contribution to the Rangers winning their second game against Lowell with a final score of 56-46.

“The team played with extremely good chemistry. We love each other, and we work hard together, and we came out with the win, so there’s no complaining,” said Christopher, who scored five of the FHC’s seven points in the first quarter.

The Rangers had been working on setting up their plays and trying to move the ball around to take more effective shots, and it finally paid off. After two minutes without calling a play, FHC set up a play which ended with sophomore Tommy Spaletto making a three-pointer.

“Coach has put in a new technique in practice, so that’s really helping us to know our plays,” said Christopher.

At the half, the Rangers were ahead 27-22 over the Red Arrows. They came sprinting out of the locker room and onto the court ready to play. As the third quarter began, fouls were getting called more frequently than earlier in the game. This was both good and bad for the Rangers: good because their free throw shots were going in and bad because Lowell had more opportunities to score.

FHC’s head coach James Telman was impressed with his team’s free throw shooting percentage tonight.

“I didn’t expect to shoot as well,” Telman said. “I also didn’t think that we were going to shoot as well in free throws; they surprised me a lot today and I am extremely proud of them.”

Not only was the Ranger offense hot tonight, but the defense was on fire as well. Despite the occasional foul, FHC was able to keep the Red Arrows from scoring often, and they were able to steal the ball numerous amounts of times.

“We came out much more energized tonight, and we took a big step on the defensive end to get the win tonight,” said sophomore team captain John Corey.

On top of an overall incredible performance both defensively and offensively, Telman thinks that the team gave much more effort in this game. This is exactly what they needed to come out victorious and prepare for future games ahead.

“Effort was the thing that we worked on yesterday in practice,” Telman said. “We probably had our best practice yesterday, which I am extremely proud of these guys to take something like that and transitioning to today. I think that tonight they finally showed who they really are.”