Player Profile: Jacob Ervin


Name: Jacob Ervin

Grade: Freshman

Sport: JV basketball

Position: Center

How long have you been playing basketball?

“I’ve been playing since the winter of sixth grade.”

Who has influenced you positively in your athletic career?

“My coaches, like coach Starling in seventh and eighth grade, really helped me out. Coach Telman this year has been a really big help in my abilities to play the game.”

What is your favorite part about playing basketball? Why do you play?

“My favorite part of basketball is just being with the team and playing the sport. It’s a fun sport to play.”

Do you play for any AAU teams? If so, where?

“Currently I don’t play for any AAU teams, but I will this winter.”

What is your favorite basketball memory?

“We came back in a game in eighth grade and won. It was a bit of an upset.”

What, if any, are your future plans with basketball?

“I’d like to definitely play all through high school. If I like it any more in my senior year, I may go to college for it.”