Freshman boys basketball picks up a win over EGR


Freshman basketball added to its winning streak Thursday night, winning three straight games after losing to Ottawa Hills. Taking on EGR at home was harder than the Rangers expected, but they still took over on the court and ended up winning 61-56.

East had a lot of height, so it was difficult for the Rangers to grab rebounds. To overcome this challenge, FHC played with more aggression and physicality. Defensively, the Rangers struggled to communicate in the first half but were perfectly in sync on offense. Freshman Jeremy James hit a huge three at the end of the first half that put the Rangers up 30-28.

The second half was more back and forth than the first. The Rangers came out slow but shot their way back into the game. For three minutes in the fourth, Jeremy and freshman Dallas Hopson went on a shooting stretch to allow the Rangers to takeover the game and freshman Maguire Mahacek had some exceptional passes to give FHC momentum. Rebounding also became easier and the Rangers started playing more in unison to secure the victory.

Leading scorer this game was Jeremy James who had 17 points. Maguire had 6 assists and freshman Matthew Mahoney was a big presence down low with 3 blocks and several rebounds.

Next week Tuesday the Rangers will take on Northview at Northview. Looking to dominate that game, the Rangers plan to work hard during practices this week and keep their three-game winning streak alive to improve their 10-3 record.