Rugby suffers tough loss against Grandville 57-27


Last night, the rugby team faced the Grandville Bulldogs in a tough game. The Rangers were looking for their first win of the season but fell short of their goal. They fought hard, but eventually lost to Grandville with an final score of 57-27.

The rugby team was led by several key players, including senior Seth Udell, who scored several tri’s for the team. Seth scored two tri’s, one off of a penalty and the other after a 30-yard run and hard fight. Along with Seth, there were several sophomores who performed well in last night’s game. Sophomores Brandon Weiskopf and Wyatt Engler also were important players last night. Brandon had several key tackles that prevented the Bulldogs from increasing their score. He also came close to scoring a tri at the end of the game. Wyatt had a couple good tackles and was able to score for the team as well.

This loss puts the Rangers at an 0-2 record in conference play. They will continue to work hard for their playoff spot and first win as FHC travels to Traverse City for their next game.