Player Profile: Dan Deindorfer


Name: Dan Deindorfer

Grade: 12

Sport: Varsity basketball

Position: Forward

What is it like to be one of the few four-year varsity basketball players in school history?

“It’s truly an honor to be one of the four-year varsity players at FHC. In 2015, when I first made the varsity team as a freshman, I was stoked. I worked super hard to keep up with all of the older guys in the open gym sessions and summer camps. I worked hard to earn my spot on the team, and I think that the coolest thing about being on the team for four years is all of the teammates I had over the span of those four years.

What was the hardest part of transitioning from middle school to varsity basketball?

It was a lot different brand of basketball. The thing that was so weird about it was that in a span of basically less than a year, I went from guarding 13-year-old kids to 18-year-old men; it was weird. I think that all of the work I put in at the open gyms and the summer camps really helped me.”

Of all four of your years on the varsity team, do you have a favorite team you’ve played on?

I can’t really say one of them is really my favorite because they all were so different. My freshman year, I was just so excited to be on the team, and it was just a whole new environment for me. Sophomore year, we were underdogs; no one expected us to be very good, and we loved that. We fed off of people doubting us and won the conference title. My junior year was great because we won a lot of games, and we went through the conference undefeated. Now being in my senior year, I realize it’s my last time to try to win another conference championship and to win a district championship.”

What are the differences you’ve noticed in going from Coach George to Coach Carhart?

“They are both pretty similar as coaches, which I thought was going to happen because Carhart played here under Coach George. They both demand a lot out of their players but are also great coaches, and I love learning from both of them. I think probably the main difference is that Carhart is more laid back in games.”