Freshman boys basketball leaps over East Grand Rapids 65-41


Freshman Pierson VanGorp scored a season-high 19 points Thursday night to close out the win against the East Grand Rapids Pioneers. The stellar shooting from the freshmen led to a final score of 65-41 with the Rangers on top.

The first quarter started off much like many other games this season. With the swift ball movement and incredible execution, the Rangers were able to take the lead early. Each and every time EGR had control of the ball, the boys somehow managed to disrupt that. From the start, FHC pressured the ball with great intensity, forcing turnovers for their opponent. The many turnovers from EGR led to some easy fast-break buckets. The buzzer rang for the end of the first quarter, with the Rangers leading 17-9. The second quarter was much like the first; each possession looked better and better for FHC and worse for their opponent. More turnovers from East found the hands of Ranger defenders and led to more and more possessions for FHC.

In the second half, the trend continued. The Rangers shot the wits out of the Pioneers and managed to pull ahead even more. Their ability to shoot also stunned the Pioneers, as they hit a total of 9 threes. Five of those threes came from freshman Pierson VanGorp, who finished with 19 points. Right next to him was freshman Jacob Bonnett, who put up a solid 14 point game. Overall, the second half was a defensive mastery from the Rangers, with steals and blocks coming from all over the place. The final score was 65-41 and proves that FHC is one of the dominant teams in the conference.

The Rangers are now 10-2 in their regular season and remain at an impressive 5-0 in the conference. Their next game is a rescheduled game from last week, now being played on Monday, January 28 against Lowell at home.