Player Profile: John Corey


Name: John Corey

Grade: 11

Sport: Varsity Golf

What is the most important attribute this team has?  

“This team is very social, which makes the chemistry come naturally. This is crucial in golf, as it helps push us along each tournament.”

Is there a team tradition you have before each match?

“We usually shake hands with each other and give encouragement.”

What is the biggest tip you can give for a new golfer?

 “It is all about figuring out your mental strategy when competing and never allowing yourself to back down. Just believe in your stroke and stay calm on each hit.”

What was the biggest change from JV to Varsity?  

“The biggest change is definitely the atmosphere, as everything gets a lot more serious and you are playing against some of the best players around.”

Who is a key player on the team this year?

“Isaiah Huempfner is a very key player, as he is making the transition easier for all of us and leading everybody every step of the way.”