Player Profile: Suchir Gupta


Name: Suchir Gupta

Grade: 12

Sport: Varsity tennis

Fun Facts:

  • He is bilingual
  • His favorite subject is science

What is your favorite season of the year, and why is it your favorite?

“My favorite season of the year is fall because the change in weather is relaxing and cozy after a hot summer.”

What is your favorite pre-game tradition?

“The bus rides to after-school away games are fun. Someone usually brings a speaker and we all get pumped.”

What is your favorite part about the Ranger tennis program?

“My favorite part about the Ranger tennis program is the team aspect. We are all very close with each other, which gives us the upper hand on other teams.”

What are some of your hopes for the season? 

“One goal we share as a team is to improve from our performance last year at States. We have a couple very solid freshmen additions to the team this year, so we can definitely perform well at the finals.”

When did you start playing tennis, and why did you start?

“I started playing tennis when I was in fourth grade because many of my friends played, and my brother had picked up tennis as well.”