Player Profile: Erik Hansen


Name: Erik Hansen


Grade: 9


Sport: JV tennis


3 fun facts


  • Didn’t know he liked tennis until this year
  • Wears the same shorts for every match
  • Listens to music to get ready for each match


When did you start playing tennis?

“This past summer I took it more serious but I had been playing a couple weeks a year for a little bit.”

How did you feel about this past season?

“Overall I had a good time and played pretty well. It was fun with the team and the upperclassmen were nice.”

What did you enjoy the most about being on this team?

“We were pretty good friends and gave each other rides and met up after practices at restaurants it was great.”

What motivated you to start playing tennis?

“I wanted to do a fall sport.”

What will it take over the offseason for your team to be even more successful next year?

“Just playing occasionally and not forgetting what I learned.”