Player Profile: Peyton Price

Adam Hop

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Name: Peyton Price

Grade: 9

Sport: Bowling


Fun Facts:

-Plays 2 sports besides bowling

-Likes to hunt and wakeboard Up North

-He is a big Michigan State and Denver Broncos fan


How long have you been bowling?

“This is my first year.”


What other sports do you play besides bowling?

“I play soccer in the fall and baseball in the spring.”


How does it feel to be the freshman phenom of the team?

“It feels good. To be with all of the older guys as a standout on the team feels awesome.”


What is your ultimate goal this year for your team?

“For us to become conference champions for the first time in FHC Bowling history.”


What are your personal goals for this year?

“Get a score of 270 or higher in one game.”


Why did you join the bowling team?

“I joined the team because I am good enough to get a scholarship to college letter in this sport.”


What do you like about being on the bowling team?

“I enjoy hanging with the varsity guys every day.”