Global Fair, though pushed back, will bring the community together

Hands on a globe --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

© Royalty-Free/Corbis

Hands on a globe — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

FHC’s Global Fair, inspired by Forest Hills Northern, is used to create awareness of other cultures. Vicki Felton, teacher and adviser of the Global Learner’s Initiative’s Club, took over the responsibilities of the fair when she became the adviser of GLI.

“I wanted to become the adviser to help students learn more about the world and share about themselves,” Felton said. “The more we can help students understand other cultures, the better off they will be.”

Felton believes that what students have to say will prepare students to be more aware and sensitive to the world around them. Each group signed up to present will bring in food, music, and information about the country they have chosen.

Unfortunately, the fair has been moved to February due to a lack of sign-ups. Felton may have an explanation of why students are discouraged from signing up.

“We don’t always think of ourselves as a diverse school,” Felton said. “When you dig a little bit deeper and go past some layers, you can find some things that make us diverse.”

Felton’s goal is to make sure the fair is a positive experience for everyone. The fair allows us to build a community that is united despite our differences while still being fun.

Presenters have the opportunity to share something that people don’t know about themselves or a people. Senior Mya��Asia Giles was excited to explain all of the great things about Haiti with her friends who are from that country.

“I was very disappointed that the fair got moved,” Mya��Asia said, “because I was so excited to see how the students were going to show their appreciation for the country that they have picked.”

Mya��Asia has two friends from Haiti, and she thought it would be cool to learn about their culture and grow closer to them as a result. Studying and showing enthusiasm about Haiti allows her to celebrate and appreciate where they came from. To show the country’s uniqueness, she will make a dish that is common in Haiti to give to the students.

Sophomore Gabby Hernandez is a member of GLI and believes that it is also important to present about countries that you have no prior knowledge of. She encourages anyone who has the chance to sign up and make a memorable experience for everyone.

“This special experience can help you become more culturally aware,” Gabby said. “You don’t want to miss your chance.”