Player Profile: Jacob Bonnett


Name: Jacob Bonnett

Grade: 9

Sport: Freshman Basketball

Position: PG/SG

What is your favorite part of basketball?

“My favorite part of the sport is the competitiveness and the fact that everybody is working together to try and win.”

How is the team doing so far?  

“We had a rough start [by] losing to East Kentwood and then to Grandville, but I feel that we are starting to work better together as a team. I am ready for a good season with great teammates.”

Who has been a key part of the team so far?

“Benny Scholler and Pierson Van Gorp have been two great aspects of the team so far. With Benny being the main point guard and with Pierson as our best shooter, they have played very well, and I know they will continue to play at a high level.”

What is the best part about the high school?

“The best part about the high school is being able to see your friends every day and how you are so much more independent than in middle school.”

What is something the team really needs to improve on?

“Something that the team really needs to improve on is our shooting and free throw percentage. We have had trouble with the three ball in the past couple games and major problems at the free throw line.”