Ben Kastner leads boys bowling to massive victory, girls fall just short

Matthew Mahoney

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Ben Kastner leads boys bowling to massive victory, girls fall just short

After a tournament performance full of success on Saturday, both bowling teams looked to add onto their momentum, something that has been a rarity for both teams this year. Monday’s games matched the Rangers up with the Greenville Yellow Jackets, a talented team that has handily defeated some common opponents of the Rangers; FHC would need something special in order to win. The boys team had just that, as junior Ben Kastner bowled a monstrous 245 to lead the boys to victory.

“Ben’s tremendous game really motivated us to play better,” said junior Ryan Andrews, a fellow bowler on the varsity team.

The boys team came to play on Monday. After starting off slowly, the Rangers fell to an early 10-0 deficit. Fueled by his 9 strikes, Ben rolled his 245, adding a lot of points to the Rangers’ score due to the large point difference. Everyone’s performances seemed to pick up after Ben’s stellar game, as each member of the team won their individual matchup in the second game. The momentum took over for the Rangers, and they defeated the Yellow Jackets by a narrow 17-13.

“They bowled extremely well,” head coach Grant Vermeer said. “They did an awesome job today, and I am very proud of them.”

The girls, on the other hand, didn’t have as much success. After staying relatively even, the Yellow Jackets jumped out to a late lead. Senior Sydney Payne had the high scores for the team once again, bowling a 167 and 168. These are great scores, and to stay that consistent throughout the day is very impressive.

“[Sydney] shows that through focus and hard work we can also score higher; she’s a great model for the other teammates,” senior Zoey Guikema said. “She was an integral part of the team yesterday, helping us reach new scores in our baker games. She’s an extremely important part of our team.”

Sydney’s personal success wasn’t enough for FHC, as Greenville went on to defeat the Lady Rangers 18-12. There were still other positives to take out of the loss, however, as the team reached its highest baker game score all year with an impressive 150. These score improvements show the girls have already gotten better as a team.

The Rangers take on the Forest Hills Northern Huskies on Wednesday, a team FHC was already blown out by earlier in the season 26-4 and 25-5; however, the improvements already made by FHC this year could lead to a much closer game.

“We’ve made a lot of progress,” Vermeer said. “I couldn’t be more excited for the rest of the season.”