TCT’s The Countless Thanks: Day 1 – Hannah Kos

Over the 15 days leading up to Thanksgiving, each member of The Central Trend’s staff will release a list of 5-15 people who inspire, motivate, or brighten our days. Today- Day 1- features one of our Editors in Chief, Hannah Kos, and her list of seven people who constantly enhance her day.


Sean Ivory — for showing endless kindness and personal relationships.

After three years of walking into Mr. Ivory’s classroom at the crack of dawn every single day, I can truly say I know him. He has poured himself into each and every member of the choir, and in turn, let them pour themselves out as well. He has seen me at some of my highest and lowest points, and I cannot be more impressed by the personality he has put into each and every day. It makes rolling out of bed the slightest bit less difficult.

Ian Degraff — your endless love for the half-niece-in-law who could be once removed– and are we even actually related or are you just the weird, fake uncle?

Ian’s humor, his obvious love for those around him, his passion for the things he loves– they are all things I aspire to adapt into my life. He has shown me not only that they exist, but how simple it is to include them in everyday life. He gives me a light on the side of the tunnel, not the end. He has shown me the lightness along the way.

Susannah Bennett — all the good vibes

Susannah’s positive energy is a ray of sunshine. It brightens not only TCT but my life in total. You have left an impact on me and everyone around you. It is clear how much you love, and I hope when I leave for college I can bottle up the smallest fraction of your brightness and take it to college with me.

Mitchel Miller — for the biggest push anyone has ever given

Regardless of anything, I am where I am because Mitch told me I could do it; no one else has given me that. My writing, my love for education, my strides in poetry are all because he told me that I was capable. That is something I could never repay.

Hannah Ensing — hope and perseverance

Any coach can push their athletes. Any coach can yell. But Hannah brings in the real life without going weak. She listens to every teardrop and takes it into consideration, but instead of looking at a rower as less, turns it into positive energy. That is a skill I can only hope to achieve one day; as a coach or anything else of its relevance. Thank you Hannah, for caring– but for coaching through it.

Sue Lareau — for being the first

Mrs. Lareau was my third-grade teacher. She was the first teacher to show me I wanted to teach. She showed me that basic teaching wasn’t the only way, that there are ways to think out of the box and break things up. She showed me that building relationships can change a child’s life, and because of her, I want to change lives too.

Rylee Hrnyak — for being my best ear

Rylee listens, listens, listens, and then she talks, talks, talks. Through everything, she gives. Rylee has the amazing gift of seeing things entirely from the outside looking in, no matter the situation. She also has the gift of listening and caring. This makes her full of some of the best advice I have ever heard. And trust me, I’ve needed it.